Frequently Asked Questions

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Q: I have not received my e-ticket and the event is tonight. What do I do?
A: The first step is not to panic. We have a fallback option if you have misplaced your electronic ticket for an event that is taking place within a few hours. As our response time is generally 24 hours, sometimes a message might not be received until it is too late. However, all client venues of Venue Driver maintain a list of ticket purchasers at the door of each event, and your name will be on it. You can attend the event, secure in the knowledge that you will be admitted, even without a printed electronic ticket.


Q: I have not received my e-ticket and I'm sure I put in the right email address. What do I do?
A: We can re-send the ticket if you wish, but first please check your junk mail folders, spam folders, and corporate firewall (if applicable) before contacting us. However, some domains are very unreliable, particularly those hosted by Microsoft (Hotmail, MSN, and thus you should be prepared with an alternate email we can send to.  In order to facilitate the database search, please include the full name of the ticket purchaser, event date, venue location and email address provided in our payment form when submitting your support request.


Q: I do not have a printer. Can I simply show the ticket barcode through my smart phone to get in?
A: Absolutely. Door staff would require that the full PDF barcode be displayed through your smart phone screen. Not only the barcode image itself. You need to be able to display the complete PDF file showing the event information, ticket holder's information and order number.


Q: I purchased tickets for the wrong event. Can you change my tickets for a different date?
A: Although we have a strict no refund policy, it is your responsibility to advise us right away if you selected the wrong event. We might be able to let you repurchase the correct tickets and refund the face value of your initial wrong order.  However, there is no guarantee that a derogation to the no refund policy would apply to your situation since it is time sensitive and also subject to multiple conditions and restrictions. Please also note that this derogation policy could never be applied to unused tickets for a past event. Please submit a request right away so we could provide the appropriate instructions.


Q: What is your refund policy?
A: All ticket sales are final, non-refundable and it is not possible to cancel your tickets once issued.

What if the event was cancelled?  The only time we will ever consider refunds is if an event is totally canceled (relocated/rescheduled events do not count as a cancellation) and the event producer authorizes us to do so. If this situation applies, an automated refund will be processed to the original credit card normally within ten (10) business days following the cancellation announcement by the event producer. Please note, the time is subject to the event producer's policies and the policies of your financial institution. Again, we only provide the ticketing interface for the venue and have no control over the event itself.


Q: Do you refund service fees?
A: No, not at all. It is contrary to our terms and conditions. As a ticket purchaser, you assume the risk of event cancellation when you purchase a ticket.


Q: Are tickets transferable/Can I change the name on the ticket?
A: Please follow the transfer policy contained within your e-ticket email confirmation so you could resell or transfer your tickets. The name on a ticket is locked and final and cannot be changed. This is for security reasons to prevent ticket scalping and fraud.


Q: I purchased a ticket for x amount of people in a group, and am worried one of the group arriving separately may use the ticket to admit others before I arrive? How do I prevent this?
A: You must be sure you can trust the person you are giving a copy to. We do not assume any liability if your ticket is misused and you are denied entry.


Q: Can the barcode be "split", i.e. put into individual barcodes?
A: Not at this time.


Q: I bought a ticket for a show at a client venue of yours off of Craigslist, Kijiji, eBay, Stubhub or a ticket scalper, can you tell me if it's real?
A: No, since we cannot assume the risk of facilitating ticket scalpers and resellers for legal reasons. It might be legal in your jurisdiction, or it might not be. It is a grey area. We err on the side of caution and cannot respond to these inquiries. Please purchase your tickets through legitimate channels in the future. The cost difference, if any, is worth it for peace of mind. We will not refund purchases made through third-party channels.


Q: I wish to purchase tickets in bulk for an event.
A: Unfortunately for our own protection we cannot facilitate ticket scalping. It may or may not be legal in your jurisdiction, but we err on the side of caution and disallow this entirely. We kindly suggest contacting the event producer directly to make arrangements for your scalping enterprise.  Venue management would also be able to respond for any Group discount rate if available.


Q: There was an error when I tried to do my purchase, what do I do?
A: Do not attempt to repeat your transaction for at least 24 hours. This is a security lockout feature engaging since there is probably an inconsistency with the credit card you are attempting to use.


Q: I believe I was double-charged for a purchase, what can I do?
A: We monitor this system with human resources to scan for this sort of thing. A representative will contact you via email shortly to handle the matter personally. Please note that during high volume times such as major holidays there could be a delay.


Q: I have a question about the show itself.
A: We cannot answer those questions. We only designed a ticketing system for the venue where the show takes place. You should contact the venue directly for any questions of this nature.


A current, valid photo ID is required of every patron visiting our Nightclub and all guests must be 21+ strict. The following forms of ID are acceptable:

ACCEPTED (As long as it is not expired)
- United States, Canada, England, Ireland, European Issued Drivers Licenses or DMV Identification Cards (If they are not stamped "not to verify ID")
- Passports (as long as there are no missing pages, not laminated or handwritten and not expired)
- Military ID Cards
- Mexico Voter ID Cards

- Mexico Matricula Consular ID (current)
- Mexico Matricula Consular ID (old)
- United States Issued ID stamped "Not For Identification"
- International Student ID Cards (any type)
- International Drivers Documents (License)
- Handwritten Passport
- Passport issued when you were a child or teen (cannot verify photo of the person presenting the Passport)

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